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i actually cried. 

fucking arseholes, if i saw someone doing this, i’d slice their freakin’ throats too see how they like it!

 I cried.. This is just wow.. This makes me fucking sick. The fact that the people in this video obviously have no problem killing innocent animals but to know that it’s our own human kind. I don’t understand why they have to be so rude and violent about it. Yes, we do need meat because some people like it & some people need it to live. But why bash a pigs head in, or slice open a cows throat? Why not simply give them a pill or a shot. A less painful of dying maybe? There is an easier, and much nicer way to do it. These animals do not deserve to be treated like shit. What have they done to deserve it? Nothing, I’m sure.. I can’t even express how sick this makes me.. How fucking pathetic. I hate the human kind. This is a bunch of bullshit. THIS PISSES ME OFF.

I actually cried. this is disgusting. THIS is the reason why it’s a disgrace to be part of the human race. 

I think I just became a vegan or, at the very least, a vegetarian. This is just fucking horrible.

I’m legit fucking balling my eyes out. I will find these people. I will find these people. I’m fucking promising myself. I will find these people and TEAR THEIR FUCKING EYES OUT AND I WILL MAKE IT SO DAMN PAINFUL. I FUCKING PROMISE MYSELF.


now im a vegetarian. 

Now THIS is why we are only permitted to eat halal meat, although I doubt the fact that I’ll ever eat meat again. Ya Rabbi.

LOOK WHAT THEY DO TO THEM, JUST LOOK. There dosn’t exist any words to explain this! And when people whine about halal killed animals! Muslims kill them WITHOUT ANY SUFFERING. When they’re killed the “halal way” they NEVER ever suffer this much or suffer such a great pain like THIS. Look at yourselfs before poiting fingers. (The reason I’m writing this is because I saw some people on youtube whining about halal meat and that it is inhuman. But they sure don’t talk about THIS. Injustice anyone?)

Vegis unite!

This is absolutely despicable, I can’t even come up with the right words to describe this all. Also, it shouldn’t take something like this to encourage Muslims to eat halal meat if they choose to eat meat. It clearly states in the Quran that only halal meat is to be consumed, this video should be MORE of a reason after God’s words to help people not consume non-halal meat.

(Source: bieberpassion)

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